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Aziza and Ahuva, A Love Story

Having lived half my life in Israel and half in the United States, I have accumulated a multitude of memories that are nestled on two separate continents. For many years my work has been centered on memories of my life in Israel, along with questions about land, borders, and displacement. Aziza and Ahuva: A Love Story, is comprised of self-portraits of  two personas, Aziza, a Palestinian and Ahuva, an Israeli. This project is a healing process for me, as I sort out the memories of there and here, hoping that these memories become a catalyst for change.

Avenir L

My life there, my life here...

I don’t feel really at home anywhere....

All any of us want,

Is a piece of land under a tree,

To build a house,

To sleep in a room and dream,

While the leaves rustle in the wind.

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