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Swamp Rising

Desert of bamboo,

You stand there.

Teetering on the abyss.

Have you Dreamt of water?

On your tippy toes,

As the waters rise

Delicate as dew,

Waiting, anticipating

When we can stand no more.


As the water rises,

Who will be left?

Who will be cared for?

As the water rises

Seeping through the grass,

Dreaming of higher ground.


Swamp Rising raises environmental and political concerns that Louisiana residents and all coastal communities across the globe are now facing. The work questions who is most likely to be saved and who is not, because of race and economic resources. As is the question of which coastal communities are realistically worth saving for future generations. My hope is to create sacred space, deepening our awareness of the delicate balance between nature, human beings, and the encroaching water mass. 

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